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Investment Institute: Africa Forum 2014

A new lens for South African investors

Domestic and global financial markets are in the process of a profound reset. As the investment environment evolves, so too is the composition of ‘traditional’ balanced portfolios. At this time, it is especially important for South African investors to have the space to think differently about emerging trends and tools as they assess options for long-term portfolio diversification and alternative asset allocation strategies. Along with a focus on the outlook for South Africa, these were the were the central themes underpinning the discussions at the inaugural Institute Africa Forum hosted by the Investment Institute at Investec Asset Management. The event, held at Villa Arcadia in Johannesburg, brought together a small group of distinguished investment professionals to discuss key challenges, opportunities and new frameworks related to investing in South Africa.

Please click here for a summary of the 'Investment outlook for South Africa and a new era for portfolio diversification'

The discussions highlighted the need to frame big questions and to think about the realities that will shape the strategic investment decisions that South African investment professionals face today. More than half a decade after the global financial crisis, we are at a historic transition point, with a convergence continuing between East and West and a significant rebalancing occurring within major economies. This, in turn, is causing deep changes in the texture of our economy and society. Furthermore, the correlations between traditional asset classes are no longer behaving in the way that portfolio managers expect, and as such it has forced a significant rethink of the way that portfolios should be structured. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach towards investing. It will require new tools and perspectives to grasp the nature of the economic transition and the route through which investors can take advantage of the opportunities. 

We hope that this event and subsequent insights from our Institute will be a valuable resource as you navigate a rapidly changing investment landscape.


The Investment Institute would like to thank each of the following for their contributions:

Professor Ricardo Hausmann
Minister Pravin Gordhan
Judge Dennis Davis
Jaco van der Walt
Fagmeedah Petersen-Lurie
Glenn Silverman