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There is ever more compelling evidence in support of taking a long-term approach to investing. But is this easier said than done?

Is long horizon investing only for private markets or can it be pursued in mainstream equity and fixed income strategies? Are there emerging thematic areas that will lead to value creation as part of a long horizon investment philosophy? What role does sustainability and ESG play?

These questions and more underpin the work of the Investment Institute and our fifth edition of The Journal.

Read Journal 5

Inside Chapter 1


“Is now the time to write the future?”

Introduction: Capitalising on the long term

“Will a better future be what we leave behind?”

Ideas for action for an enduring and sustainable financial system

“What is true quality really worth?”

An active Quality equity approach for long-term sustainable growth

Can breaking ground build an economy?

African infrastructure investment opportunities and sustainable development

“Does Africa add up?”

It’s all in the numbers: why good statistics are key to infrastructure investment in Africa

“Will changing values today create value tomorrow?”

Perspectives on corporate pensions

“Is green the colour of money?”

Long-term opportunities and risks in carbon management: the case of sovereign debt investing

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