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Tämä ammattimaisille sijoittajille räätälöity sivusto tarjoaa tietoa tuotteistamme, strategioistamme ja palveluistamme. Muista, että sijoituspääomasi on alttiina riskeille ja ettei historiallinen tuotto tai arvonnousu ole tae tulevasta kehityksestä. Käytämme evästeitä varmistaaksemme, että tarjoamme sinulle parhaan käyttökokemuksen sivuillamme. Tämä käsittää 3. osapuolen evästeet. Tällaiset 3. osapuolen evästeet saattavat seurata sivustomme käyttöä. Jatkamalla hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lisätietoa on Evästekäytännössämme, mukaan lukien ohjeet kuin poistat evästeet käytöstä.

Siirtymällä hyväksyt Investecin käyttöehdot.
Our new name

Investec Asset Management is becoming Ninety One

19 November 2019

We are excited to let you know that the plans for our firm’s listing in the first quarter of next year are well advanced, including the adoption of our new name.

We have chosen a name with a strong connection to our heritage, that feels authentic to who we are and will help us to stand out in a competitive market.

We started in South Africa, in ‘91. Back then, change was coming. With change came the chance to invest in a better future. Being part of that change made us who we are.

It taught us to be bold, agile and resilient. To believe that active investing can be a force for good. Our journey taught us to see the world differently, to recognise and react to change and uncertainty. Today, that’s what sets us apart.

We are changing our name, but not who we are.

Our new name is Ninety One, recognising the momentous time in which we started our firm.

Click here for the story of our new name

While we will soon have a new name, importantly we remain the same company, with the same dedicated people focused on meeting the investment needs of our clients.

In terms of the latest on our demerger, having now received all key regulatory approvals, we are targeting our dual listing in London and Johannesburg during Q1 2020, subject to approval by the shareholders of Investec plc and Investec Limited (together, “Investec”). This will establish us as an independent business from the Investec Group and maintains our complete focus on the future of our investment management business.

Please note that our name change will not take effect until the point of listing.

We are excited about the future. Our focus has always been, and remains, on the continuing development of a talented and passionate team that seeks to consistently deliver the investment outcomes and partnership that our clients deserve.


The Board of Investec Asset Management

The content of this page is intended for investment professionals only and should not be relied upon by anyone else

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Siirtymällä hyväksyt Investecin käyttöehdot.