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Important information
  • The Fund's equities and equity-related investments could be volatile and subject to high risk of loss. The Fund invests in fixed interest securities may be subject to credit risk, interest rate risk, sovereign default risk, risk associated with investment in Europe, exchange rate risk and downgrading risk as well as higher default risk in high yield / non-Investment Grade / unrated debt securities. The Fund may invest in emerging markets which can be more volatile and less liquid than developed markets and subject to additional risk arising from unstable social, political & economic environment. The Fund may also invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and their dividend or pay out policies is not representative of the dividend policy of the Fund.
  • The performance of the Fund depends on the success of the asset allocation strategy. There is no assurance that the strategy employed will be successful.
  • The Fund may use derivatives for hedging, efficient portfolio management and/or extensively for investment purposes, and may be subject to risks associated with derivatives such as pricing & liquidity, counterparty risks and high leverage risk. This may result in significant risk of loss when the use becomes ineffective.
  • Inc-2 Share Class may pay dividends gross of expense and therefore may effectively pay dividend out of capital. Inc-3 Share Class may pay dividend gross of expense or out from its capital at the Board of Directors' discretion. Paying dividend gross of expense or out of capital may amount to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor's original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. This may result in an immediate reduction of the net asset value per share.
  • IRD Share Class and Reference Currency Hedged Share Class may be subject to risks arising from uncertainty in interest rate and foreign exchange.
  • In adverse situations, the Fund may suffer significant losses. It is possible that the original amount you invested could be lost.
  • Investors should not solely rely on this document to make investment decisions.

Investec Global Multi-Asset Income Fund


Key Benefits:

A core portfolio income solution

An income-focused fund with attractive risk-adjusted return and reduced volatility

Attractive and sustainable yield2

Income share class with monthly dividend* donominated in HKD, USD, AUD3 or SGD3 available

A truly active multi-asset fund 

Dynamic allocation across Growth, Defensive and Uncorrelated assets using proprietary bottom-up approach 

*Aims to make dividend payment to investors on a monthly basis. Dividend Yield is not guaranteed, dividends may be paid out of the Funds’ capital(attention to Important Information point 4)4. Return and yield are not guaranteed, no assurance of their stability and sustainability.

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Attractive risk return profile driven by managing downside risks

  • The Fund has an appealing risk return profile with the lowest volatility and lowest maximum drawdown since launch among the peers.

Risk versus return since inception5

Focuses on attractive, sustainable yield2

  • By selecting investments with relatively stable yield, the Fund aims to provide an attractive and sustainable level of income.
  • Income share class with monthly dividend* aims to provide relatively stable dividend yield.
Share Class Dividend frequency

Annualised dividend yield 

*(Aims to make dividend payments on a monthly/quarterly basis. Dividend yield is not guaranteed, dividends may be paid out of the Fund's capital attendtion to Important Information point 4)4

A Inc-3 USD Monthly 5.04% 
A Inc-3 HKD Monthly 5.05%
A Inc-2 USD Quarterly 3.89%


Dynamic asset allocation by proprietary bottom-up approach6

  • The Fund is actively managed and built from the bottom-up by focusing on underlying asset behaviours and relationships rather than relying on asset class labels.
  • All investments exhibit either Growth, Defensive or Uncorrelated characteristics.
  • We believe the right blend of these characteristics results in superior diversification and therefore more consistent outcomes.

Learn more about Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

Investors should note that lower volatility does not necessarily mean lower risk. *Aims to make dividend payment to investors on a monthly basis. Dividend Yield is not guaranteed, dividends may be paid out of the Funds’ capital(attention to Important Information point 4)41Source: © 2016 Morningstar. All Rights Reserved. Data as of 31 December 2016. Morningstar rating based on A Inc-2 share class. Morningstar rates mutual funds based on how well they’ve performed (after adjusting for risk and accounting for all sales charges) in comparison to similar funds, the top 10% of funds receive five stars, the next 22.5% four stars, the middle 35% three stars, the next 22.5% two stars, and the bottom 10% receive one star. 2The Fund aims to provide sustainable yield. Return and yield are not guaranteed, no assurance of their stability and sustainability. 3The investment returns are denominated in AUD/SGD. US/HK dollar-based investors are therefore exposed to fluctuations in the US/HK dollar /AUD/SGD exchange rate. 4Source: Investec Asset Management, as at 31 December 2016. Annualised dividend yield = Distribution per share/ Record date NAV)*dividend frequency. A Inc-3 share class aims to make dividend payment to investors on a monthly basis, while A Inc-2 share class aims to make dividend payment to investors on a quarterly basis. The frequency of dividends paid from the A Inc-2 share class was changed from quarterly to monthly with effect from 1 January 2017. Warning: Please note that a positive distribution yield does not imply a positive return. The Board of Directors may amend the dividend policy (including any change to dividend payment out of capital) subject to the Securities and Futures Commission’s (SFC) prior approval and by giving not less than one month’s prior notice to shareholders. The composittions of the dividends (i.e. the relative amounts paid out of net distributable income and capital)are available by the Hong Kong Representative on request and also here. 5Source: Morningstar as at 31 December 2016, NAV to NAV, (inclusive of all annual management fees but excluding any initial charges), gross income reinvested, in USD. Since launch performance figures are calculated from the launch date of the A Inc-2 share class on 30 July 2013. Peers refer to the primary share of the HK SFC authorised funds in the Morningstar USD Moderate Allocation sector, while peer group average refers to the unweighted average of the peers. Calendar year performance - Year 2013: 2.9% (since launch to end 2013); Year 2014: 3.7%; Year 2015: 0.9%; YTD (31.12.16): 4.3%. 6The internal parameters and process are subject to change, not necessarily with shareholder notification.  7Source: Investec Asset Management, as at 31 December 2016.

Head of Multi-Asset Income

John Stopford

  • 23 years with the firm
  • 26 years industry experience
*Aims to make dividend payment to investors on a monthly basis. Dividend Yield is not guaranteed, dividends may be paid out of the Funds’ capital(attention to Important Information point 4)4. Return and yield are not guaranteed, no assurance of their stability and sustainability.
Launch date 26/07/2011
Fund size US$191.4 million
Initial charge A share – Up to 5% of the amount you buy
Annual management fee A share – 1.25%
Currency USD, HKD, SGD & AUD

LU1410565573 (A Inc-3 USD) 

LU1410565656 (A Inc-3 HKD)

LU0953506580 (A Inc-2 USD) 

LU1554042488 (A Inc-3 SGD Hedged (Reference))3

LU1554042561 (A Inc-3 AUD Hedged (IRD))3

Bloomberg code




IGSAISH LX (A Inc-3 SGD Hedged (Reference))3

IGSAIAH LX (A Inc-3 AUD Hedged (IRD))3


The value of this investment, and any income generated from it, will be affected by changes in interest rates, general market conditions and other political, social and economic developments, as well as by specific matters relating to the assets in which it invests. The Fund’s investment objective will not necessarily be achieved and investors are not certain to make profits; losses may be made. The Fund may use or invest in financial derivatives. Past performance figures shown and any forecasts on the economy, stock or bond market, or economic trends that are targeted by the fund, are not indicative of future performance. Investment involves risks. Investors should read the Prospectus for details, including the risk factors. All the information contained in this communication is believed to be reliable but may be inaccurate or incomplete. Any opinions stated are honestly held but are not guaranteed and should not be relied upon. This is not a buy, sell or hold recommendation for any particular security. The portfolio may change significantly over a short period of time. This communication is provided for general information only. It is not an invitation to make an investment nor does it constitute an offer for sale.

In Hong Kong, this document has not been reviewed by the SFC. The full documentation that should be considered before making an investment, including the Prospectus and Product Key Facts Statement (KFS), which set out the fund specific risks, is available from Investec Asset Management. The company website has not been reviewed by the SFC and may contain information with respect to non-SFC authorized funds which are not available to the public of Hong Kong. Issuer: Investec Asset Management Hong Kong Limited.

In Singapore, The value of the shares in the fund and the income accruing to the shares, if any, may fall or rise. Potential investor should read the details of the Prospectus before deciding to subscribe for or purchase the Fund. Investment involves risk. Please refer to the Singapore Offering Documents (including the risk factors set out therein) and the relevant Product Highlights Sheet for details which are available at your bank or financial adviser. Investors may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase shares of the Fund. In the event that an investor chooses not to seek advice from a financial adviser, he/she should consider carefully whether the Fund in question is suitable for him/her. For more information, please contact your bank and financial advice. this document is issued by Investec Asset Management Singapore Pte Limited (company registration number: 201220398M).