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Dermerger and listing update

Update on the demerger and listing of Investec Asset Management

8 Aug 2019

We are pleased to confirm that the demerger and independent listing of Investec Asset Management (“IAM”), which was announced last September, has received all key regulatory approvals. Subject to Investec plc and Investec Limited shareholder approvals, the proposed demerger and listing of IAM is expected to complete in the first quarter of 2020.

The leadership structure for IAM post listing has also been confirmed. The current leadership remains unchanged prior to listing. On listing, Hendrik du Toit will return as CEO and John Green and Domenico “Mimi” Ferrini will assume Deputy CEO roles. This structure positions the firm for its life as an independent business and ensures the long-term stability and continuity of the leadership team that built the firm over almost three decades. For our clients and employees, it provides assurance that our culture, purpose and values will not change.

Our singular focus will remain on the ongoing development of a talented and passionate team that seeks to consistently deliver the investment outcomes and broader partnership our clients deserve.

The Board of Investec Asset Management     

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