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How we engage

We seek to lead the conversation on sustainable development, assisting our clients on their journey towards sustainable long-term investing.

Our engagement strategy is driven by a belief that asset managers have a role to play in transforming how business connects with society.

Today, business has evolved to operate almost independently of society and the environment. A sustainable future depends on recognising that business is part of society, and that both depend on the natural world.

Through engaging with companies as an integral part of our investment processes (see Invest), as well as through the broader engagements described here, we seek to play our part in accelerating the transition to a more sustainable way of thinking and acting.

Towards a sustainable future



Business has evolved to operate almost independently of society and the environment.

A sustainable future

A sustainable future

We have a role to play in transforming how business connects with society, which both depend on the natural world.

Global engagement

Our leadership team is engaged with global organisations committed to the advancement and implementation of sustainable development. Through our participation in groups like the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, the SDG Centre for Africa, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and PRI, our dialogue with international business, governments, labour representatives and civil society leaders aims to articulate the case for sustainable development.

This includes establishing policies and financing mechanisms that help businesses grow sustainably, create jobs and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are also an active participant in African private markets industry associations, seeking to contribute to the wider debate around mobilising capital to address the continent’s needs.


Launched at the 2016 World Economic Forum, The Global Commission on Business and Sustainable Development (BSDC) convened international business, labour and civil society leaders to highlight the massive potential rewards for businesses that take a lead on poverty reduction and sustainable development. As an appointed commissioner, Hendrik du Toit, founding CEO of Investec Asset Management and now Joint CEO of the Investec Group, worked to articulate the economic case for companies to engage in achieving the UN SDGs.

Leading the conversation

Through the Investec Investment Institute, the strategic insights and engagement platform of Investec Asset Management, we provide in-depth analysis and research on key geopolitical, economic and investment trends. Our work draws on our firm’s investment capabilities and partnerships with leading academics and practitioners, and seeks to empower our clients with insight and knowledge. Portfolio resilience, sustainability and the application of ESG principles to investing have been central themes of the Institute’s work.

For example, our ‘Energy 3.0’ series investigates the third energy transition as the world moves to a decarbonised growth model. It looks at past energy transitions, structural growth areas and the need for positive investment. The series proposes a decision-making framework to help asset owners assess and report the climate risk in their portfolios.

Meanwhile, volume 5 of the Journal focuses on what asset owners can do to re-orient capital sustainably for the long term. It explores the mounting empirical evidence in support of long-horizon investing, how key stakeholders can move from talking about long-termism to taking action, and what role sustainability and ESG play.

Our sustainability activities are organised into three areas of focus: