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This site is for retail investors. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice to ensure our Funds are suitable for your investment needs. Please remember capital is at risk and past performance is not a guide to the future.

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  • Benefits of investing in a TFSA

    Invest in a tax-free savings account

    Before succumbing to this season’s “must-have deals” or 2020’s latest trends, why not invest your money in a tax-free savings account with Investec Asset Management instead? The same amount invested in one of our underlying funds could grow into a tax-free sum that could be used for something far more valuable, like a comfortable retirement or your child’s education.

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    View our Core Fund range
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    Benefits of investing in a TFSA

    Tax-free savings

    Both the growth and income you receive on your investment are tax free – no capital gains tax (CGT) or income tax are levied on the dividends and interest received.

    Power of compounding

    A convenient and flexible way to accumulate savings over time – as you won't incur tax, more of your money is available to benefit from the power of compounding.

    Lifetime allowance

    You can invest from as little as R500 per month or as lump sums. Your lifetime allowance is R500,000 for yourself or on behalf of a minor.

  • What is a TFSA?

    What is a TFSA?

    Tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) were introduced in 2015 to encourage individual resident in SA to save more. Through a TFSA, the growth and income received on the investment is tax free, which means you are not liable for any capital gains tax or income tax on the dividends and interest received on your investment. There are limits to how much you can contribute. Currently, the maximum amount you can contribute to a TFSA is R33 000 per year (or R2 750 per month via debit order) and the maximum lifetime contribution is R500 000. Don’t be daunted by this amount. You can start your TFSA investment with Investec Asset Management from as little as R500 a month.

    How much can I invest in a TFSA?

    Minimum investment amount R500 per month or a larger lump sum amount supplemented with monthly contributions.
    Maximum investment amount

    R2,750 per month. R33,000 per tax year. R500,000 over your lifetime.

    If you exceed the maximum investment amounts, you will be subject to 40% tax. If you withdraw money from an existing TFSA and re-pay it into any of these accounts, it will be seen as a new contribution and use up a portion of your tax free limits.

    Frequently asked questions

  • How to invest in a TFSA?

    How to invest in a TFSA?

    You can invest in a TFSA in one of three ways with Investec Asset Management.

    Invest through a financial advisor

    Getting expert advice about your investment choices can give you financial peace of mind. We have a list of financial advisors from across the country who have the appropriate qualifications and licences to help you make informed investment choices.

    Find an advisor

    Start a new online investment

    If you are sure of the appropriate solution for you, you can invest directly online using our convenient online form.

    If you don’t yet know which funds you want to choose as your underlying investments, view our core funds.

    Invest online

    Are you an existing investor?

    If you are already invested with us then the simplest way to invest is via your online account.

    Simply login below to ensure all your investments are managed together.



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