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    2018 started off well, but then descended into gloom and despair as Trump’s belligerence, a strong US dollar and rising US interest rates ravaged emerging markets, including SA. Could 2019 finally be the year when the planets align in our favour and investors are rewarded for their patience over the past five years?

    At Taking Stock, Jeremy Gardiner and Clyde Rossouw, Co-Head of Quality or Sumesh Chetty, Co-Portfolio Manager, shared their views on how best to navigate the new market regime. To view the presentations and insight from the event, please click on the 'Presentations and viewpoints' tab above.

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  • Funds in focus

    Our Funds in focus

    Cautious Managed Fund

    The Investec Cautious Managed Fund is the ideal vehicle for investors who require a low risk, conservative investment option that still has the potential to beat inflation substantially and take advantage of rising markets.

    Why choose this fund?

    Core, low-equity multi-asset fund

    Focus on income generating assets from both traditional fixed income sources and equity markets

    As an actively managed fund, we have a balance of exposure approach to protect against a multitude of risks

    Investec Opportunity Fund

    The Investec Opportunity Fund has a long-term track record of successfully limiting losses during times of equity market volatility. In the long term it has provided investors with the opportunity to create real wealth.

    Why choose this fund?

    Core, high-equity multi-asset fund

    Has achieved equity-like returns with lower volatility than the general market

    As an actively managed fund, we have a balance of exposures to protect against a multitude of risks

    Global Franchise Fund

    The Investec Global Franchise Fund has a differentiated approach to investing in quality companies. It has a long-term investment horizon investing in world leading companies from around the globe, many of which have long trading histories, strong brands and superior competitive advantages.

    Why choose this fund?

    Seeks to invest in world leading companies with strong competitive advantages, superior margins and focuses on capital re-investment

    A high-conviction portfolio of 25–40 stocks of primarily investment grade companies, with high customer loyalty, strong brands and no debt

    An equity-only fund adjusting exposure to maximise downside protection and participate meaningfully in rising markets

    Our core funds

  • Speakers


    Sumesh Chetty

    Portfolio Manager

    Joined the firm in 2007
    Joined the industry in 2002

    Sumesh is a portfolio manager at Investec Asset Management within our Quality team. He has responsibility for our absolute return strategies and is co-portfolio manager of the Investec Cautious Managed Fund and the Investec Absolute Balanced Fund.

    Jeremy Gardiner

    Joined the firm in 1992
    Joined the industry in 1990

    Jeremy is a regular voice in the media, at conferences and to the investment-related world at large, responsible for commenting on current affairs, economics and investment markets.

    Clyde Rossouw

    Joined the firm in 1999
    Joined the industry in 1994

    Clyde is Co-Head of Quality at Investec Asset Management. He is a portfolio manager with a focus on multi-asset absolute return and low volatility real return equity investing. His portfolio manager duties include our flagship Opportunity Strategy that he has run since 2003 and our equity oriented Global Franchise and Global Quality Equity Income strategies.

  • Venues


    East London

    Monday, 25 February 2019
    Hemingways Hotel, Western Avenue

    Port Elizabeth

    Tuesday, 26 February 2019
    The Boardwalk Hotel and Convention Centre


    Wednesday, 27 February 2019
    Durban International Convention Centre, 45 Bram Fischer Road

    Cape Town

    Thursday, 28 February 2019
    Century City Convention Centre, No. 4 Energy Lane, Century City


    Tuesday, 5 March 2019
    Sandton International Convention Centre, 161 Maude Street, Sandton


    Wednesday, 6 March 2019
    Durban International Convention Centre, 45 Bram Fischer Road