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Welcome to Taking Stock
Spring 2018

November 2018
By Sangeeth Sewnath, Deputy Managing Director

I write this as Investec Asset Management prepares for an exciting new chapter in our journey. In September, the Investec Board announced that Investec Asset Management would split from Investec Group to become a separately listed entity. This is a natural evolution for our business which will ultimately lead to the creation of a more focused and independent asset manager. The important message to you is that this process will have no impact on our portfolio management or client teams. We remain fully committed to delivering the service you expect from us and managing your money to the highest standard.

Hendrik du Toit, now the joint CEO of Investec, will return to Investec Asset Management as Executive Chairman once the demerger is completed. In this issue of Taking Stock he reflects on the early days, the importance of embracing sustainability and the opportunity for active managers.

Hendrik founded Investec Asset Management 27 years ago. Sometimes it is good to take a step back, not only to reflect on how we started, but also to appreciate how far we have come. Last month, several of our advisor clients from around the world – from eleven different countries, to be precise – attended an investment conference we hosted here in Cape Town.

It was refreshing to view our business from their perspective. It struck me that what they value about us is that we are a truly global business rather than a regional player with an offshore offering. They appreciate that we have more than two-thirds of our investment team spread across London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York and they recognise that we manage money for some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds.

Furthermore, the debate on active versus passive is far more aggressive. When they look at our fund offering, they acknowledge that the active share in the Investec Global Franchise Fund, for example, is 92%. They value that it can’t be replicated in an index. That differentiation matters to them.

We are unashamedly active asset managers. We will ensure that we remain sufficiently differentiated and have conviction in the active positions we take. There is no room to be average. Average managers will lose to passive investing.

While our international portfolio managers were in South Africa, we hosted parallel events in Cape Town and Johannesburg for our clients to meet them. We tend to be somewhat pigeonholed into our core range of three offshore funds, so this was a wonderful opportunity to give our clients a glimpse into the variety of other capabilities we offer – including the UK, European and China strategies.

In this issue, we publish the third article in our series on living annuities. Jaco van Tonder talks to the importance of growth assets in a living annuity portfolio.

While the research on living annuities focuses on those close to or in retirement, we have also included an article by Paul Hutchinson in which he sets out the rules of thumb that you can use throughout your working career to check whether you are on track to retire comfortably. His findings clearly show the significant impact that active asset management can have on ensuring a comfortable retirement.

Markets have not been kind to investors this year. Now more than ever your clients need your guidance – continue holding the line and do not bow under pressure to make irrational decisions. As we have stated previously, we would welcome the opportunity to help you reinforce the message to your clients. We will also be opening our Taking Stock event early next year to more guests so that you can extend an invitation to more of your clients.

There are still opportunities out there and as always, the time to invest is now.

Thank you for your continued support.


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