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A new approach to living annuities

Is your living annuity working for you?

A living annuity provides you with income during your retirement. The income is drawn from your retirement fund and the amount you choose to withdraw depends on a number of factors including; the amount you have saved at the point of retirement, your lifestyle and the length of your retirement.

Managing these factors, and the balance between growing your pension pot and selecting a percentage to draw as income to live off, can be a complicated decision. If the balance is wrong this can lead to the nightmare situation of pensioners running out of money.

So, how can you ensure a comfortable retirement without the stress of running out of money too soon? Investec Asset Management conducted research covering 117 years of investment data, introducing some new ways to approach this age-old problem.

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Jaco van Tonder discusses the key issues surrounding retirement income

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Key questions to ask when defining your living annuity

Based on our research we've outlined some key questions to consider when reviewing your living annuity. We suggest that you discuss these questions with your financial advisor.

1. Have you saved enough?

The number one rule is to ensure you’re putting enough away to meet your future retirement needs, if you’re not yet in retirement then this is the safest way to avoid failure.

2. Do you have the right investment portfolio driving your retirement fund?

Whilst you need an income, you also need to ensure that your remaining pension savings grow to counter the impact of inflation and provide future income. The type of assets you’re invested in can be crucial. For example, our research showed the importance of growth assets, such as offshore equities, in providing returns for investors who required an above average percentage to be drawn as income.

3. Are you reviewing your income level in the right way?

Simply increasing your income level based on inflation may actually be detrimental to your living annuity success. Adjusting your income level based on your annuity’s investment portfolio performance in the previous year can significantly improve your retirement horizons.

4. Are your investments doing enough?

Providing growth to your investment portfolio is one thing, but what about managing risk? Our research showed that that the combined effect of outperformance and lower investment risk led to significantly better results for investors.


Finding this balance is the role that an active asset manager like Investec Asset Management could play.

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Investec living annuity

Find out more about the Investec Investment Linked Living Annuity and our range of Core funds. Follow our secure online process to invest now.

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