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Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

In a world of persistently low interest rates, the Investec Global Multi-Asset Income Fund may be an alternative to a conventional fixed income portfolio or defensive fund.

John Stopford

John Stopford

Portfolio Manager

Why choose this fund?

A defensive, diversified portfolio with exposures tactically adjusted to suit a changing environment

Targeted less than half the volatility of global equities by focusing on downside risk since inception

Resilient portfolio built from the bottom up aiming for attractive income with capital growth over the long term

Invest in USD or ZAR

You are able to get exposure to this Fund either directly as a foreign-domiciled international fund in USD, or as a rand-denominated feeder fund which invests in rands into the underlying offshore fund.

  • Investec Global Multi-Asset Fund (USD)

    Fund facts (USD)

    Sector: Morningstar Global USD Moderate Allocation
    Re-launch Date: 31 May 2013
    Minimum investment: Lump sum: USD3,000
    Risk Profile:

    Quick links (USD)

  • Investec Global Multi-Asset Feeder Fund (ZAR)

    Fund facts (ZAR)

    Sector: Global MA Low Equity
    Re-launch Date: 1 March 2002
    Minimum investment: R10,000
    Risk Profile:

    Quick links (ZAR)

‘Bond-like’ volatility

Targeted less than half the volatility of global equities by focusing on downside risk since inception.

Past performance should not be taken as a guide to the future. Data is not audited.
Source: Morningstar, Bloomberg, BofA Merrill Lynch, Investec Asset Management, in US$, as at 30.09.18. For specific indices, please see Important information‡. Annualised standard deviation of monthly returns over 3 years. Global Multi-Asset Income Fund: Distribution yield and volatility of A Inc-2 Net share class.

Important information

All information is as at 30.09.18 unless otherwise stated. The distribution yield reflects the amount that may be expected to be distributed over the 12 months, as a percentage of the mid-market unit price of the Fund. Based on a snapshot of the portfolio as at 30.09.16. The yield is not guaranteed, will vary over time and take no account of any preliminary charge. ‡High Yield Debt - Global: BofAML Global High Yield TR USD, Investment Grade Debt: BofAML Global Brd Mkt Corp TR USD, Global Equities: MSCI ACWI TR; Global Property: S&P Global REIT TR; Global Infrastructure: S&P Global Infrastructure TR, EM Debt: 50% JPM GBI-EM Glbl Div/50% EMBI Glbl Div, DM Debt: BofAML Global Governments Bond II TR.
* The yield reflects the amount that may be distributed over the next 12 months as a percentage of the Fund’s net asset value per share, as at the date shown, based on a snapshot of the portfolio on that day. Where there is a yield number in brackets, it is calculated in the same way, however, as the charges of the share class are deducted from capital rather than income, it shows the level of yield had these charges been deducted from income. Yields do not include any preliminary charge and investors may be subject to tax on their distributions. The effect of taking expenses from capital is to increase income whilst reducing capital to an equivalent extent and may constrain future capital and income growth.
This communication is not for general public distribution and is for general information only. If you are a private investor and receive it as part of a general circulation, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7597 1800. The value of this investment, and any income generated from it, can go down as well as up and will be affected by changes in interest rates, exchange rates, general market conditions and other political, social and economic developments, as well as by specific matters relating to the assets in which it invests. The Fund’s investment objective will not necessarily be achieved and there is no guarantee that these investments will make profits; losses may be made. This Fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within the short to medium term. Performance shown is that of the Fund and individual investor’s performance may differ as a result of initial fees, actual investment date, date of any subsequent reinvestment and any dividend withholding tax. All the information contained in this communication is believed to be reliable but may be inaccurate or incomplete. Any opinions stated are honestly held but are not guaranteed and should not be relied upon. This is not a buy, sell or hold recommendation for any particular security. It is not an invitation to make an investment nor does it constitute an offer for sale. Before making an investment, please read the Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document, which sets out the fund specific risks and is available from Investec Asset Management. The portfolio may change significantly over a short period of time. The Fund is traded at the ruling price and can engage in borrowing, up to 10% of the portfolio net asset value to bridge insufficient liquidity, and scrip lending and may be closed in order to be managed in accordance with the mandate. The Fund is a sub-fund of the Investec Global Strategy Fund, which is a UCITS organised as a Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable under the law of Luxembourg. For further information on the Fund including application forms and a schedule of fees and commissions, please contact Investec Asset Management. Fund prices and English language copies of the Prospectus, Report & Accounts and Articles of Incorporation and local language copies of the Key Investor Information Documents may be obtained from our website and free of charge from the following country specific contacts: Luxembourg – Investec Global Strategy Fund, 49 avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg. In South Africa, Investec Asset Management is an authorised financial services provider. Those sub-funds offered for public sale in South Africa are approved under the South African Collective Investment Schemes Control Act. Issued by Investec Asset Management, August 2017.