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  • Thank you

    Thank you

    We were privileged to have you join us recently at our 2019 InPerspective Forum in London, where we shared our views on a wide range of topics, each of which is having an impact on you right now. We trust that the information provided and the speakers with whom you interacted provided you with useful insights and unique perspectives.

    Watch the highlights

    The future isn’t what it used to be

    Natalie Phillips
    Deputy Managing Director, SA

  • Videos

    Investing for a better tomorrow: Vian Sharif

    Lord Mark Malloch-Brown in conversation with Philip Saunders

    Challenges confronting global asset managers over the next decade

    The future isn’t what it used to be

    Emerging market assets in a challenging world

    Embracing new realities: Impact of decarbonisation on investment decision-making

    Remaining relevant in a changing world

    Investing in the New China… at home and abroad

  • Speakers


    Natalie Phillips

    Deputy Managing Director, SA

    Joined the firm in 1997
    Joined the industry in 1997

    Natalie is responsible for the South African institutional and corporate businesses. She began her career with the firm in 1997, initially as a legal advisor and later as an investment analyst in the industrial conglomerates sector.

    Vian Sharif

    Media Relations

    Joined the firm in 2008
    Joined the industry in 2000

    Vian Sharif is part of Investec Asset Management’s global communications team in London and is responsible for all cross-border media relations ex Africa. She joined Investec Asset Management in 2007.

    Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

    Chairman, Smartmatic

    Mark Malloch-Brown is a former number two in the United Nations as well as having served in the British Cabinet and Foreign Office. He now sits in the House of Lords and is active both in business and in the non-profit world. He also remains deeply involved in international affairs.

    Philip Saunders


    Joined the firm in 1981
    Joined the industry in 1981

    Philip is Co-Head of Multi-Asset Growth at Investec Asset Management, he is also a portfolio manager for Multi-Asset total return, global multi-asset and protected strategies.

    Domenico (Mimi) Ferrini

    Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chief Investment Officer

    Joined the firm in 1992
    Joined the industry in 1988

    Mimi is Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Investec Asset Management. Mimi joined the company in 1992 as one of the founding members. Mimi held various leadership roles across the business before becoming Co-Chief Investment Officer.

    Thabo Khojane

    Managing Director, Africa

    Joined the firm in 1998
    Joined the industry in 1998

    Thabo is the managing director of Africa at Investec Asset Management and has been with the firm since 1998. Prior to this role, he was managing director for the South African-only business.

    Michael Power

    Investment Strategist

    Joined the firm in 2002
    Joined the industry in 1985

    Michael joined Investec Asset Management as a strategist in December 2002. His current responsibilities include understanding how the shift in the centre of economic gravity from West to East is impacting on the world of investment and in particular how it is opening up new investment opportunities for Investec’s global client base.

    Iain Cunningham


    Joined the firm in 2016
    Joined the industry in 2007

    Iain is a portfolio manager in the Multi-Asset team at Investec Asset Management. He is the co-portfolio manager of the Investec Global Multi-Asset Total Return, Investec Global Strategic Managed and the Investec Multi-Asset Protector strategies. He is also a member of the team’s Macro Research Group, where he focuses on the analysis of structural macro themes, as well as the FX and Rates Research Group.

    Simon Brazier


    Joined the firm in 2014
    Joined the industry in 1998

    Simon is Co-Head of Quality at Investec Asset Management. He is a portfolio manager with a focus on UK equities, and manager of the Investec UK Alpha Fund and the Luxembourg domiciled Investec GSF UK Alpha Fund. He is also responsible for the co-management of the specialist Quality investment team. Simon is based in the firm’s London office.

    Clyde Rossouw

    Co-Head of Quality

    Joined the firm in 1999
    Joined the industry in 1994

    Clyde is Co-Head of Quality at Investec Asset Management. He is a portfolio manager with a focus on multi-asset absolute return and low volatility real return equity investing. His portfolio manager duties include our flagship Opportunity Strategy that he has run since 2003 and our equity oriented Global Franchise and Global Quality Equity Income strategies.

    Rhynhardt Roodt


    Joined the firm in 2004
    Joined the industry in 2004

    Rhynhardt is the Co-Head of 4Factor and co-portfolio manager for the Global Core Equity Strategy at Investec Asset Management. He began his career at the firm in 2004 and was previously the Co-Head of SA Equity & Multi-Asset.

    Peter Eerdmans

    Fixed Income

    Joined the firm in 2005
    Joined the industry in 1995

    Peter is Head Fixed Income and Co-Head of Emerging Market Sovereign & FX at Investec Asset Management. He is jointly responsible with Werner Gey van Pittius for all global emerging market sovereign debt strategies. Peter is also responsible top-down analysis within the team. He joined the firm in 2005 from Watson Wyatt, where he was responsible for bond and currency manager research.

    Nazmeera Moola

    Deputy Managing Director, SA | Head of SA Investments

    Joined the firm in 2013
    Joined the industry in 2000

    Nazmeera is Head of SA Investments at Investec Asset Management. She works closely with the global and SA capability heads to ensure that we continue to have competitive investment performance and adding further depth and diversity to our Cape Town based investment teams.

    Charles Robertson

    Global Chief Economist, Renaissance Capital

    Charles Robertson, a leading emerging markets specialist, is Renaissance Capital’s Global Chief Economist and Head of the Firm’s Macro-strategy Unit. Mr. Robertson covers the global economic themes having the greatest impact on emerging markets.

    Archie Hart

    Emerging Markets Equity

    Joined the firm in 2008
    Joined the industry in 1986

    Archie is the portfolio manager for the Emerging Markets Equity Strategy in the 4Factor team at Investec Asset Management.

    Victoria Harling

    Emerging Market Corporate Debt

    Joined the firm in 2011
    Joined the industry in 1997

    Victoria is Head of Emerging Market Corporate Debt and is responsible for managing the Emerging Market Corporate Debt Strategy and the Emerging Market Investment Grade Corporate Debt Strategy at Investec Asset Management.

    Adeline Diab

    Co-Head of Sustainable & Thematic Investing, Barclays

    Adeline is a Director and Co-Head of Sustainable & Thematic Investing at Barclays. She joined Barclays in March 2018 and leads a team of 6, covering Sustainable & Thematic Investing research, focusing on disruptive trends and global challenges, assessing their impacts on business models and industries landscape, and working closely with sector teams to provide investment conclusions. She also advises clients on these topics.

    Hannes van den Berg


    Joined the firm in 2017
    Joined the industry in 2004

    Hannes is the co-head of SA Equity & Multi-Asset within the 4Factor team at Investec Asset Management. His focus is on the General Equity and Balanced strategies and equity hedge funds.

    Deirdre Cooper

    Natural Resources

    Joined the firm in 2018
    Joined the industry in 1997

    Deirdre is a portfolio manager for the Global Environment Strategy in the Natural Resources team at Investec Asset Management. She joined the team in 2018, and is a utility, infrastructure and energy transition specialist.

    Matt Evans


    Joined the firm in 2017
    Joined the industry in 1998

    Matt is a portfolio manager at Investec Asset Management, with a focus on UK Smaller Companies within the Quality team. Matt is based in the London office.

    Hendrik du Toit

    Joint Chief Executive Officer of Investec Group

    Joined the firm in 1991
    Joined the industry in 1988

    Hendrik du Toit is Joint Chief Executive Officer of Investec Group. Hendrik entered the asset management industry in 1988 and joined the Investec Group in 1991 as founding member of Investec Asset Management. Investec manages in excess of US$ 200 billion on behalf of its clients.

    Jarred Glansbeek

    Chief Executive Officer, Riscura Solutions


    Gyongyi King

    Chief Investment Officer, Alexander Forbes Investments

    Gyongyi King has over 21 years investment experience, with a focus on multi-management in the alternative investment universe for the last 13. She spent seven years at Henderson Global Investors, a UK asset manager as a hedge fund manager research analyst after a brief period when she initially joined as a risk analyst.

    Jarred Glansbeek

    Chief Investment Officer, Riscura

    Jarred founded RisCura in 1999, a company built on the foundations of liability-driven investment (LDI) and effective institutional risk management. Jarred is highly regarded as a pioneer in today’s now widely accepted and evolved theory and practice of LDI. He has extensive understanding of quantitative portfolio techniques and complex instruments as well as judgmental and active risk management. This wealth of experience and skill in the asset management and retirement fund industries was honed in previous roles as Executive Director at FirstRand’s two asset management companies - RMBAM and Southern AM – and as consultant to some of Africa’s largest institutional funds. Now CIO of RisCura, Jarred’s main focus is ensuring RisCura’s institutional clients receive optimal portfolio performance through investment asset class structuring as well as the best efforts and service from all.

    Ndabe Mkhize

    Chief Investment Officer, Eskom Pension and Provident Fund

    Mr. Ndabezinhle (Ndabe) Mkhize is the Chief Investment Officer of the Eskom Pension and Provident Fund (“EPPF”), which is a defined benefit pension fund with more than R135 billion ($10 billion) assets invested in South Africa, Africa ex SA, and globally

    Rongrong Huo

    Investec Investment Institute

    Joined the firm in 2018
    Joined the industry in 2006

    Rongrong is the Executive Director, Head of Investment Institute at Investec Asset Management. The Investment Institute delivers strategic investing insights and analysis across asset classes, investment strategies and borders.

    Greg Kuhnert

    4Factor Asia

    Joined the firm in 1999
    Joined the industry in 1995

    Greg is the portfolio manager for the Asia ex Japan and All China Equity strategies and co-portfolio manager for the Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity Strategy in the 4Factor team at Investec Asset Management.

    Minister Ma Hui

    Minister of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Kingdom

    Minster Ma’s experience in international affairs dates back nearly 30 years working within the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. He was posted in London between 1999-2001 and studied Public Policy in University College London as a postgraduate between 2005-2006.

  • Insight


    Sustainability is the topic of our era

    “As allocators of capital, our industry is in a unique position to achieve development goals whilst providing a long-term future for both clients and the world we live in.”

    Click play above to watch the video.

    Dedollarisation | How a global currency shift may surprise investors

    Despite America’s twin deficits, rising national debt levels, a turbulent domestic political environment and disruptive foreign policy, dollar use remains exceptionally wide and deep.


    Energy 3.0 | Climate risk – are we doing enough?

    Energy 3.0 investigates the third energy transition as the world moves to a decarbonised growth model. It looks at past energy transitions, structural growth areas and the need for positive investment.

    Emerging markets: cycles past and future

    What can past market regimes tell us about the next chapter?


    Deconstructing decarbonisation

    How humanity's greatest challenge impacts the investment landscape.

    What’s the real story with China’s tech sector?

    Varun Laijawalla, Emerging Markets Equity Analyst, 4Factor, recently visited China. He attended investment conferences and visited e-commerce companies in Beijing and Shenzhen, seeking insights into the Chinese tech sector.


    Is India the next China?

    Varun Laijawalla, Emerging Markets Equity Analyst, 4Factor, recently visited India. He visited e-commerce companies in Bangalore and Delhi, seeking insights into the enigmatic Indian e-commerce market.

    China’s evolving economy

    Michael Power updates Lindsay Williams on China, following his recent interview which looked at why China should no longer be seen as a copy-cat economy.


    China, today

    We examine the evolution of China’s capital markets and its potential impact on global markets. Read more to understand the investment opportunity that we believe China offers.

    2019 Investment Views

    Our 2019 Investment Views explores this question with expert analysis to equip you with insight into what could lie ahead.


    Why is the future emerging?

    In the latest chapter of our flagship publication The Journal, we have partnered with leading industry experts to discuss the steps that asset owners can explore today to capitalise on long-term for the future.