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Investment views

Perfect storm for SA investors

15 March 2018

By Peter Kent, Co-Head of SA & Africa Fixed Income and Malcolm Charles, Portfolio Manager

Perfect Storm for SA investors

Malcolm Charles discusses the shifting bond market momentum in South Africa with Lindsay Williams.

The relief rally in the currency and bond market following the ANC elective conference in December was nothing short of spectacular: The SA bond market returned an impressive 5.7% for the month, followed by a respectable 5.86% in the first two months of 2018. Is further Ramaphoria justified, or has the time come to take a more defensive position where domestic bonds are concerned?

We believe there are both cyclical and secular tailwinds that should provide further support for the bond market over the short to medium term. It is also worth pointing out that despite the significant rally in domestic bonds, emerging market bond yields have fallen substantially more than ours over the last two years, suggesting that SA bonds continue to offer relatively attractive yields.

In terms of cyclical support, the relative political stability we’re enjoying following Cyril Ramaphosa’s victory means that we can finally shift our focus from the politics to the macro drivers. In particular, it means that the Reserve Bank can shift its focus to more orthodox inflation targeting, rather than having to run monetary policy on a risk management basis. As the ‘only adult in the room’ over the last few years they had to provide a steady anchor in an environment of surprise cabinet reshuffles, foreign flows, credit downgrades, instability at National Treasury and mismanagement of key state-owned enterprises.

In all of the MPC statements over the last year, the inflation risks were often to the upside on the back of unpredictable politics and downgrades and their likely negative impact on the rand. Now these risks have dissipated, which means the SARB finally has the breathing room to consider more orthodox macro drivers of monetary policy. The good news is that there is scope to ease.

Due to the SARBs prudent management of a tumultuous few years, inflation is under control in the middle of the target band, while growth – albeit better than expected and improving – is still very low and below our potential. Given this, a rate cut is unlikely to be inflationary very quickly. So growth is improving, which helps the credit worthiness of the fiscus, but not at a rate to warrant monetary tightening – in other words, we are growing at a perfect speed to support the bond market from both a credit worthiness perspective and a monetary perspective.

Over the longer term, the bond market should find further support in actual deliverables. We believe Moody’s should give us a reprieve this month, which provides Ramaphosa and his new cabinet time to implement these changes. The initial moves have been positive, but we need to see actual delivery. A positive signal, for example, would be for Eskom to come to market and successfully issue some debt again. We also need the mining charter bedded down; there is clear intent from labour, government and business – and once passed, should lead to capital investment. Money follows money, and would feed into other sectors of the economy, ultimately leading to confidence in the economy returning.

In terms of the Investec Diversified Income Fund, our flagship fixed income strategy, we have been positioned positively towards interest-rate sensitive assets, recognising that this was one of those rare opportunities where cyclical and secular aligned. We continue to hold an overweight position in bonds and SA-centric listed property.

Ironically, just as local factors are starting to gain momentum we believe more caution will be warranted over the second half of the year, as the global environment is likely to become less supportive. In this event, we hold an offshore allocation which should provide comfort that we can preserve capital. For now, however, let’s enjoy these tailwinds that are likely to continue providing positive momentum for our bond market in the months to come.

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