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Esta web, dirigida a inversores profesionales, ofrece información sobre nuestros productos, estrategias y servicios. Recuerde que el capital se encuentra en riesgo y que la rentabilidad histórica no es indicativa de la rentabilidad futura.

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The number of sovereign wealth funds – and their assets under management – have risen significantly in recent years. These institutions are increasingly important for managing government surpluses and represent one of the world’s largest and fastest growing pools of institutional capital.

The Investment Institute provides research and advisory services to Investec Asset Management’s sovereign investor partners. The Institute has led a collaborative research project with the Belfer Center and the Center for International Development, two academic centres of Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

This project surveyed existing sovereign wealth funds to establish an analytical toolkit for the design of policies and institutional frameworks at new or evolving funds. We also developed and applied a number of theoretical tools and models that help policymakers determine the optimal balance between spending, stabilising and saving various forms of sovereign wealth.

Sovereign Investor Models 

Click here for the main report from our project with Harvard, which covers the definition and categories of sovereign funds, their macroeconomic policies and governance.

Sovereign Fund Profiles

Click here for profiles of the history, policies and institutional arrangements of 15 leading global sovereign funds.

A Stable and Efficient Fiscal Framework for Saudi Arabia

Click here for a report focused on the long-term risks and opportunities in managing Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth. The report proposes the establishment of formal saving and spending rules and a number of institutional reforms.

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