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Esta web, dirigida a inversores profesionales, ofrece información sobre nuestros productos, estrategias y servicios. Recuerde que el capital se encuentra en riesgo y que la rentabilidad histórica no es indicativa de la rentabilidad futura.

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At Investec Asset Management we believe in contributing to a better, sustainable future as stewards of long-term capital. We believe our journey from an emerging market start-up to a successful global firm provides us with a unique perspective when serving our clients.

We created the Investment Institute in 2012 to share our distinctive insights with our clients and bring influential stakeholders together for frank exchanges of ideas. Since then this engagement has become even more important. The world is increasingly interconnected, complex and uncertain. In a low-growth, low-yield world, returns are harder to come by. Investors are looking to equip themselves with new ideas, insights and tools to generate resilient, long-term returns.

In response, this year the Investment Institute will debate the following:

  • How do we create resilient portfolios over the long term?
  • How should investors tackle the major changes and uncertainties we face in the global economy?
  • How can we invest to support sustainable development?

We look forward to engaging with you, our clients and key stakeholders, in the coming year and welcome your ideas to help us on our journey.

Hendrik du Toit
Chief Executive Officer
Investec Asset Management

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