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Tailored for investment professionals this site provides information on our products, strategies and services. Please remember capital is at risk and past performance is not a guide to the future.

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Published: October 2017

Quarterly update
Investec Diversified Income Fund

A defensive return fund aiming to provide an attractive level of income with growth over the long term, through an actively managed defensive portfolio. It targets an attractive, sustainable yield of 4-6% p.a. with less than half the volatility of equities.*
Important Information



Important Information

*Gross of fees over rolling 3 years. This is an aim and not a guaranteed.


General Risks:

The Fund’s investment objective will not necessarily be achieved and investors are not certain to make profits; losses may be made. Past performance should not be taken as a guide to the future. Performance would be lower had initial charges been included and will vary between different share classes dependent upon their applicable charges. If any currency differs from the investor's home currency, returns may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations.


Specific Risks:

Currency exchange: Changes in the relative values of different currencies may adversely affect the value of the Fund’s investments and any related income.

Default: There is a risk that the issuers of fixed income investments (e.g. bonds) may not be able to meet interest payments nor repay the money they have borrowed. The worse the credit quality of the issuer, the greater the risk of default and therefore investment loss.

Derivative counterparty: A counterparty to a derivative transaction may fail to meet its obligations to the Fund thereby leading to financial loss.

Derivatives: The use of derivatives may increase the overall risk in the Fund by multiplying the effect of both gains and losses. This may lead to large changes in the value of the Fund and potentially large financial loss.

Developing market: Some of the countries in which the Fund invests may have less developed legal, political, economic and/or other systems. These markets carry a higher risk of financial loss than those in countries generally regarded as being more developed.

Interest rate: The value of fixed income investments (e.g. bonds) tends to decrease when interest rates and/or inflation rises.

Investing in China: Investment in mainland China may involve a higher risk of financial loss when compared with countries generally regarded as being more developed.

Multi-asset investment: The Fund is subject to possible financial losses in multiple markets and may underperform more focused funds

Bond and Multi-asset funds may invest more than 35% of their assets in securities issued or guaranteed by an EEA state. 



This communication is not for general public distribution and is intended for discussion with institutional investors and financial advisors only. It is not an invitation to make an investment nor does it constitute an offer for sale.

All the information contained in this communication is believed to be reliable but may be inaccurate or incomplete. Any opinions stated are honestly held but are not guaranteed and should not be relied upon. This is not a buy, sell or hold recommendation for any particular security. The portfolio may change significantly over a short period of time.

The full documentation that should be considered before making an investment, including the Prospectus and Key Investor Information Documents, which set out the fund specific risks, is available from Investec Asset Management. The fund is a sub-fund of the Investec Funds Series i which is a UCITS incorporated in England and Wales as an investment company with variable capital.

Issued by Investec Asset Management, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, October 2017