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Multi-Asset Protector (MAP) Fund 2

The Investec Multi-Asset Protector Fund 2, aims to provide attractive long-term returns, with the added benefit of downside protection.

A unique fund for investors seeking growth with added protection

The Investec Multi-Asset Protector Fund 2, aims to provide attractive long-term returns, with the added benefit of downside protection.

A multi-layered investment approach:

  • Actively managed multi-asset universe provides greater diversification and the potential for a better risk/return profile than a single asset class fund
  • Dynamic asset allocation using a pre-defined model the Fund seeks to preserve investors’ capital by allocating to cash when markets are falling
  • Downside protection mechanism. The Fund invests in a derivative contract (currently with Deutsche Bank) through which the Fund aims to provide protection at 80% of the Fund’s highest ever share price; however, such an outcome is not guaranteed
  • Flexible access. The Fund is daily priced and daily dealing, and eligible for investment through an ISA

This Fund may be suitable for:

Investors looking for lower volatility growth with added downside protection, aiming to provide sustainable, long-term income during retirement. 

The protection mechanism in action

The graph below illustrates how the downside protection might work over time

Source: Investec Asset Management.

The dynamic nature of the downside protection means that the Fund may lag the market in times of rapid market recovery, because the Fund may be largely invested in cash for extended periods of time. Large investments in cash will mean that upside may be limited if markets subsequently rise. As a result, keeping the Fund open may no longer be in the best interest of shareholders and at this stage, the Manager could consider winding up the Fund.

Philip Saunders

Portfolio Manager

Iain Cunningham

Portfolio Manager

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For more information on the A share class:

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Important information

Dynamic Planner® is a registered trademark of Distribution Technology.

Fund ratings may be provided by independent rating agencies based on a range of investment criteria, and do not constitute investment advice by Investec Asset Management. For a full description of the ratings please see Fixed income and multi-asset funds may invest more than 35% of their assets in securities issued or guaranteed by an EEA state.

Fund specific risks:

Currency exchange: Changes in the relative values of different currencies may adversely affect the value of the Fund’s investments and any related income.

Derivatives: The use of derivatives is not intended to increase the overall level of risk in the Fund. However, the use of derivatives may still lead to large changes in the value of the Fund and includes the potential for large financial loss.

Fund closure: Where the Fund is unable to find a suitable counterparty to enable at least 80% of the value of the Fund to be protected or where only allocation to cash is feasible, the Fund may have to be closed with the proceeds returned to investors.

Multi-asset investment: The Fund is subject to possible financial losses in multiple markets and may underperform more focused funds.

Protected value: Whilst the Fund will endeavour to protect at least 80% of its value at all times this is not guaranteed.

Large cash holding: There is a risk that the Fund may hold large proportions of cash for considerable periods of time. This may lead to the Fund underperforming those markets where it is usually expected to invest.