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Tailored for investment professionals this site provides information on our products, strategies and services. Please remember capital is at risk and past performance is not a guide to the future.

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Merger ratios of Investec Strategic Bond Fund into Investec Diversified Income Fund

Please click here for merger ratios.

Confirmation of approval of the merger of Investec Strategic Bond Fund into Investec Diversified Income Fund

On 12 August 2016, we wrote to all investors in the Investec Strategic Bond Fund to notify them of our proposal to merge this fund into the Investec Diversified Income Fund. We are pleased to confirm that the merger was approved by investors at an extraordinary general meeting on 16 September 2016. The merger will be effective on 30 September 2016. All investors in the Strategic Bond Fund will receive a letter outlining details of the new shares issued in the Diversified Income Fund. This will be sent out within ten business days of the effective merger date.

Proposal to merge the Investec Strategic Bond Fund into the Investec Diversified Income Fund

On 12 August 2016, we wrote to all investors in the Investec Strategic Bond Fund to notify them, and seek their approval, of our proposal to merge this fund into the Investec Diversified Income Fund.

To read the letter sent to investors, please click here. For a more detailed explanation, please read the see the full legal circular, here.

Changes to the way interest distributions from funds are taxed

For investors in net share classes of the following funds only:

On Friday 29 July, we wrote to all investors in our OEIC bond funds, to notify them of a change to the way interest payments from bond funds will be taxed. From 6 April 2017 all interest payments will be paid without the deduction of any income tax (i.e. gross) rather than with the deduction of income tax (i.e. net). This means that investors invested in the net share classes of the funds listed on the left, will receive interest payments gross and therefore without any tax deduction from the first fund distribution payment date after 6 April 2017. To read the full update, click here.

Affected funds:

  • Diversified Income Fund
  • Emerging Markets Blended Debt Fund
  • Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund
  • Monthly High Income Fund
  • Short-Dated Bond Fund
  • Strategic Bond Fund
  • Target Return Fund

Introduction of non-dealing days for the Chinese New Year (Asia ex Japan Fund only)

The Chinese New Year can last a number of consecutive days and due to the regional exposure of this Fund, this decision aims to protect the interest of all investors in the Fund. Taking effect from the 2017 Chinese New Year, the public holidays on which the Chinese New Year falls in the PRC or Hong Kong each year will no longer be dealing days even if the markets in the PRC or Hong Kong are open. To read the full update, click here.

Reduction of initial charges to zero and no further initial commission payments

We  wrote to all investors in our OEIC range on 31 July 2015 to formally tell them  of our decision to no longer apply the initial charge, which is payable at the time when investments are made into any of the Investec OEIC Funds. From 5 October 2015, all future investments, including through an ISA or monthly savings plan, will no longer be charged an initial charge by us. Click here to view the letter that was sent to investors.

Changes to Collective Investment Schemes limits

 We wrote to the investors in the below funds on 31 July 2015 to notify them that we will be increasing the limit that these funds can invest in Collective Investment Schemes to 10%,  to bring these funds in line with the others in the Investec OEIC Fund range. The change will come into effect on 5 October 2015. Click here to view the letter that was sent to investors.  

American Fund Global Gold Fund
Asia Ex Japan Fund Global Strategic Equity Fund
Cautious Managed Fund Monthly High Income Fund
Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Fund Strategic Bond Fund
Global Bond Fund UK Alpha Fund
Global Dynamic Fund UK Smaller Companies Fund
Global Energy Fund UK Special Situations Fund
Global Equity Fund UK Total Return Fund


Changes to Investec Diversified Income Fund

 We wrote to investors in the Diversified Income Fund to inform them about changes to the Fund:

1)       Reduction in the annual management charge (AMC) on the below share classes –
effective 1 October 2015

Share Class Old AMC New AMC
A 1.50% 1.25%
I 0.75% 0.65%
J 0.65% 0.55%
R 1.00% 0.75%

2)       Increased frequency of the Fund’s income distributions, from quarterly to monthly –
effective - 5 October 2015. The first monthly distribution payment will start in December 2015.

Click here to view the letter that was sent to investors.  

Investec ISA – Obtaining additional ISA allowances following the death of a spouse or civil partner

 In his Autumn statement on 3 December 2014, the Chancellor announced new rules for ISA investors which allows for ISA benefits to be passed on to their surviving spouses or civil partners following their death. Where the deceased held an ISA and that person was married or in a civil partnership, the surviving spouse/civil partner is entitled to an extra ISA allowance equal to the value of the ISA(s) held by their spouse/civil partner (even where the spouse/civil partner does not actually inherit the assets within the ISA). This is referred to as the Additional Permitted Subscription (APS) allowance. The Investec ISA has now been extended to include this provision. If you would like details please contact us. Updated copies of the Investec ISA T&Cs, which form part of the Investec SID, are available on request.


The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a piece of US legislation aimed at identifying US taxpayers investing in the US via foreign funds. Similar tax initiatives are being introduced around the globe. These new tax initiatives mean that we now need to collect information on tax residency from our clients. Further information on FATCA and the automatic exchange of tax information can be found in this factsheet. In addition, Investment Association instructions for completing the new self-certification information required on our application forms are available here.

Addendum to the Prospectus for Investec OEIC Fund range

 On 31 January we wrote to investors to inform them of updates to the Investec OEIC Fund range. Read more

Amendment to the settlement period on Investec OEIC Funds 

 The settlement period for both buying shares and selling shares in our funds will change from four business days to three business days, effective from 6 October 2014. Read more

Changes to the Investec Capital Accumulator Fund

 We wrote to investors on 13 June 2014 to inform them that we are changing the name and objective of the Investec Capital Accumulator Fund. Read more

Changes to the Investec Global Free Enterprise Fund

 We wrote to investors on 13 June 2014 to inform them that we are changing the name and objective of the Investec Global Free Enterprise Fund. Read more

Philip Saunders - Global Strategic Managed Fund update

 With equity markets expected to trade sideways in the first half of 2014, the mixed start so far is no surprise. However, Philip Saunders, Portfolio Manager of the Investec Global Strategic Managed Fund expects better market conditions in the second half of the year.
Listen to the podcast now

Approval of merger of the Investec UK Blue Chip Fund into the Investec UK Alpha Fund

 Information regarding the conversion ratios used to merge the UK Blue Chip Fund into the UK Alpha Fund on 21 March 2014, the effective date of the merger, is now available. Read more

Q&A - Investec Multi-Asset Protector Fund ('MAP Fund') and Investec Multi-Asset Protector Fund 2 ('MAP Fund 2')

 Differences and the impact for investors switching between the two. Read more

Investec Asset Management launches super-clean share classes

 Investec Asset Management today announced the launch of ‘super-clean’ share classes across its UK-domiciled OEIC fund range, furthering its commitment to deliver greater transparency and simplicity to the end investor following the implementation of the Retail Distribution Review. Investec Asset Management will now offer a share class with a 0.65% AMC, which will be available to selected strategic distribution partners. Read more

Investec Asset Management expands global footprint into Belgium

 Further growing its global distribution footprint, Investec Asset Management is pleased to announce the registration in Belgium of a number of specialist and core funds from its Global Strategy Fund range. The registration comes in response to the opportunities identified in the advisory market where both its specialist and core propositions aim to meet the demands of fund buyers.

Providing specialist access to emerging markets, the Investec GSF EM Local Currency Dynamic Debt, EM Currency, EM Equity and EM Corporate Debt Funds are now available for investment by Belgian investors. In answer to investors’ thirst for income, the Global Strategic Income and Global Bond Funds have been registered as has the Investec Global Franchise Fund, which seeks to provide a solution for investors aiming to generate higher real returns while managing downside risk.

The Luxembourg-domiciled funds will be aimed at discretionary buyers, fund-of-funds and institutional buyers and will be distributed through selected networks.

Commenting on the registration, Stef Bogaars, Investec Asset Management's Head of European Client Group, said: "We believe there are great opportunities in Belgium for both the specialist and core propositions in our range, and we continue to consolidate our global distribution footprint. In our view, these investment capabilities will prove interesting to our target advisory and institutional markets.”
Press release - Investec Asset Management expands global footprint into Belgium

Investec Asset Management waives initial charge on full OEIC range

 Investec Asset Management announced today that with immediate effect, the firm will waive the initial charge across their entire UK OEIC fund range.

This will apply to funds within its Managed Solutions Range, which brings together a range of five risk-rated investment solutions with competitive TERs, each aiming to achieve investors' most widely sought investment outcomes. The range includes the new Investec Diversified Income Fund alongside the highly regarded Investec Cautious Managed Fund, the award-winning Investec Multi-Asset Protector Fund and the Investec Diversified Growth Fund.

In addition, this will also apply to its specialist fund range, which includes highly-regarded funds such as the Investec Enhanced Natural Resources Fund and the Investec UK Special Situations Fund.