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On 12 September 2017, we had the great pleasure of welcoming clients and friends of the business to Beijing for the China Insurance Seminar 2017. The Forum was aimed at providing a platform to discuss the topic of generating long-term benefits through harnessing the potential of offshore investing.

After a brief introduction to Investec Asset Management and The Investment Institute it was over to Andy Yang, FIAA – Senior Investment Executive, Coherent Capital Advisors, to present a series of case studies outlining asset liability management issues and the global market trends facing Chinese insurers. Significant research findings included an efficient frontier framework for optimal portfolio allocation and the benefits of diversifying assets, particularly international investment, into portfolios.

James Chang, Managing Partner, PwC, then provided discussion of his research in relation to an increasingly stringent regulatory environment and presented his own challenges and opportunities for the outlook of investment and risk management.

Justin Simler, Investment Director, Investec Asset Management, then addressed a modern multi-asset investing approach to managing a CIRC (China Insurance Regulatory Commission). This included the key elements of Investec Asset Management’s approach to multi-asset investing and emphasised, structural diversification, bottom-up idea generation and a cross-asset analytical framework.

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