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Investec Global Environment Fund

Capturing the decarbonisation opportunity

A global equity strategy focused on decarbonisation, seeking to invest in companies that are driving the transition to a low carbon world.

"The challenges currently posed by climate change pale in significance compared with what might come. . . The more we invest with foresight; the less we will regret in hindsight” - Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England
Deirdre Cooper

Deirdre Cooper

Portfolio Manager

Graeme Baker

Graeme Baker

Portfolio Manager

A powerful multi-year structural growth opportunity for investors
US$2.4 trillion investment is required every year up to 2035 to limit global temperatures rises to 1.5C1

An opportunity to rebalance against carbon risk elsewhere in portfolios
High conviction differentiated portfolio, based on a proprietary universe of c700 companies only 10% of the MSCI ACWI

Proprietary measurement of indirect Scope 3 carbon emissions 
Which can account for over 75% of a company’s emissions and often missed by others including many passive strategies

Regular engagement with companies and Annual Impact Reporting

  • The decarbonisation investment opportunity

    The decarbonisation opportunity​

    Allocating to companies with at least 50% of their revenue from the sectors below with quantified carbon avoided.

    1. Renewable Energy
      To limit global temperature rises to safe levels, a shift to renewable energy is essential.
    2. Electrification
      Electrification of transportation, heating and industrial processes is vital to controlling emissions
    3. Resource efficiency
      Less discussed than the other themes, resource efficiency is a crucial aspect of decarbonisation.

    A guide to decarbonisation

  • 2100 Warming projections

    Accelerated investment is needed to keep global temperature rises below 2°C

    Forecasts are inherently limited and are not a reliable indicator of future results.
    Source: Climate Action Tracker Project, 2017, UN IPCC estimates, 2016 – 2035,

  • A high-conviction diversified portfolio

    A high-conviction diversified portfolio*

    A 20-40 stock portfolio investing across electrification, renewable energy and resource efficiency. Diversified across opportunity set, geography and market cap.

    *The portfolio may change significantly over a short period of time. This is not a buy, sell or hold recommendations for any particular security. Based on Luxembourg domiciled sister fund. Source: Investec Asset Management, 31 October 2019.

  • A strategy delivering positive change

    Investec Global Environment Fund

    Measurable impact (mt)3

    3 Figures calculated based on percentage ownership of security within the Global Environment Strategy if US$1 million invested as at 31 December 2018. Based on a pooled vehicle within the strategy and is not available at the composite level

Fund facts

Sector: Sector Equity Ecology
Launch Date: 25 February 2019

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Why choose this fund

A strategic allocation within a global equity portfolio, in a structural growth area

Help rebalance climate risk in other holdings

Make a positive impact by investing in companies helping to tackle climate change

An experienced management team committed to environmental change

The Global Environment team has the specialist skillsets needed to invest in decarbonisation, specifically: direct experience of managing decarbonisation-focused strategies; and deep knowledge of the economic and investment implications of the energy transition. The Global Environment team draws on the expertise of the wider Natural Resources team at Investec, who have an specialist knowledge of the supply/demand dynamics of metals and mining — including many of the key elements that go into renewable technologies. ESG factors are fully integrated into their investment process.

Deirdre Cooper

Co-Portfolio manager

Graeme Baker

Co-Portfolio manager


Climate risk – are we doing enough?

Our knowledge hub of videos, articles and papers examining the transition to a decarbonisation growth model.

Impact report - Global Environment

Download our latest Global Environment Impact Report.

Our approach to sustainability

Our new Sustainability Brochure describes how we seek to Invest, Engage and Inhabit sustainably.


1 as at 31 October 2018


General risks
The value of investments, and any income generated from them, can fall as well as rise. Where charges are taken from capital, this may constrain future growth.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. If any currency differs from the investor's home currency, returns may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations.
Investment objectives and performance targets are subject to change and may not necessarily be achieved, losses may be made.

Specific Risks:

Geographic/sector: Investments may be primarily concentrated in specific countries, geographical regions and/or industry sectors. This may mean that the resulting value may decrease whilst portfolios more broadly invested might grow.
Currency exchange: Changes in the relative values of different currencies may adversely affect the value of investments and any related income.
Derivatives: The use of derivatives is not intended to increase the overall level of risk. However, the use of derivatives may still lead to large changes in value and includes the potential for large financial loss. A counterparty to a derivative transaction may fail to meet its obligations which may also lead to a financial loss.
Equity investment: The value of equities (e.g. shares) and equity-related investments may vary according to company profits and future prospects as well as more general market factors. In the event of a company default (e.g. insolvency), the owners of their equity rank last in terms of any financial payment from that company.
Concentrated portfolio: The portfolio invests in a relatively small number of individual holdings. This may mean wider fluctuations in value than more broadly invested portfolios.
Commodity-related investment: Commodity prices can be extremely volatile and significant losses may be made.
Emerging market (inc. China): These markets carry a higher risk of financial loss than more developed markets as they may have less developed legal, political, economic or other systems.

Important information

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